Dear First Aid Instructor,

As you are well aware, countless lives have been saved through the prompt action of qualified First Aid personnel. There is always the possibility, however, that the student who appears to be most efficient whilst training will be the one to faint away when faced with a real emergency. It is therefore essential that your students be emotionally ready they are still undergoing training so that, when faced with the reality of an emergency, panic is eliminated and correct and expert treatment can be given.

Although this problem has long been recognised there are still those who cannot appreciate that this problem can be overcome. “PLASTIFOL”Wound Replicas offer you these opportunities – the perfect replica of a wound – a wound which can be attached to the skin and yet free movement and treatment is possible without damaging the replica. They are perfectly safe for the demonstrator to use, and the dyes and make-up which can be used for further effect are non-toxic, however the dyes do stain.
Whilst being easy to use, "PLASTIFOL" Wound Replicas are not expensive, as they can be used repeatedly, and they are perfect replicas of wounds. Their use adds interest for both the instructor and student alike, as it is well known that practical instruction is far superior to theoretical.

Arterial and venous bleeding can also be simulated where necessary and thus the correct order of treating injuries can be firmly established, in addition to the correct methods. "PLASTIFOL" Wound Replicas are available in Sets or can be purchased individually, so that a set can be gradually built up to suit your own personal requirements. They are made in a soft washable plastic which blends with the flesh and when used with other simple items of make-up and "disguise" give a degree of realism difficult to detect from the real thing.
If you are interested in learning more about these wounds, and the types of injuries portrayed, simply view or download our colour booklet which gives all these details, casualty faking hints and suggested incidents for First Aid training.